Only My Breathing
Drums: Peter Robertson
Bass: Gavin Carroll
Electric guitars: Broc O'Connor
Hammond: Mick O'Connor
Sax & harp: Steve Williams
Vocals, keyboards & acoustic guitars: RR

You came out of nowhere
An angel in the wings
Lucky I combed my hair
That might have changed everything
Beyond imagination
Imagine my surprise

The timing was dangerous
Our hearts were unimpressed
In a room full of strangers
Me, I needed to hold my breath
Hiding on that night
Behind my hero disguise

It was only my breathing
Only my breathing
It's only me
Waking to see if I'm dreaming

We better keep it a secret
No telling who might show
If there's reason don't speak it
‘Cause I don't really want to know
In case these miracles
Become some cruel mirage
Of guardian dragons
St Ives and Joe's Garage
But the greatest miracle of all
Is you've not realised

It's only my breathing ….
Waking to see if I'm dreaming as we speak
Both talking in my sleep

You can steal away my pillow
If I can stay here at your side


(Ross Ryan & Broc O'Connor)
Coathanger Music � 2003
Photo: Michael Silver