Cool River

Drums: Peter Robertson
Double bass: David Krycer
Fiddle & mandolin: Andrew Clermont
Vocal & acoustic guitar
: RR
Harmonies: Jojo Leslie, Neil &The Watermen

Why can't I shake it
This low, lonesome feeling?
And why can't I make it
Through even one lousy day?
I should know better
But 'til I am stronger
I need a Cool River to carry me away
Cool River to take me away

People they tell you
It takes time for healing
But my heart's so impatient
It can't bear the delay
So if the only way out
Is to face up and break down
May that Cool River carry me away
Cool River take me away

Let the water surround me
Let it flow through my veins
And hold me until I start breathing

Once maybe twice
In life you get lucky
And I guess that's why goodbyes
Are so hard to fake
And for me it's not easy
But I hope that you're smiling
As that Cool River carries you away
Cool River
Takes you away

(Ross Ryan)
Coathanger Music � 2003
Photo: Rob Draper
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