Chase the Ghosts Away

Drums: Peter Robertson
Bass: Roy Zedras
Violin: Andrew Clermont
Lap steel: Ken Stephenson
Banjo: Matt Fagan
Celtic bit: James Feldman
Vocal & acoustic guitars: RR

It’s such a journey and the roads are haunted
By the ghosts of dreamers who kissed their gifts away
And I’m a relay runner
A part time companion
With a heart that’s made of clay

I’ve long abandoned the burdens of ambition
And I’ve long forgotten the meaning of my name
I’m between that rock and a place that’s even harder
And there’s no where safe to stay

Can you give me shelter and silence?
Stars and perfect moonlight?
Can you give me thunder?
Can you give me laughter?
And happily ever-afters?
I’m a true and fierce believer
But in shadows I see faces
Can you give me love without a question
And can you chase the ghosts away?
Ghosts away ..

Love’s perfect moments they’re few and fleeting
They give no warning, they’re impossible to hold
For even at that moment you cry out in celebration
The ghosts are watching, waiting
For your heart to lose control

The night was cold and I woke up with a fever
And from the shadows I swear voices called your name
You gave your answer with eyes that stared straight through me
And I’ve never been so afraid

(Ross Ryan)
Coathanger Music � 2003