Lovers Turn to Thieves

Drums: Peter Robertson
Electric guitars & bass: Broc O’Connor
Hammond: Mick O'Connor
Solo: Wallace Cooper
BVs: Jojo Leslie, Yani, Glyn Mason, Mark Holden, Roy Zedras
Vocal & acoustic guitars: RR

I don’t want your safe confessions
I don’t need your sleight of hand
You measure every deed and detail
Like so many grains of sand
And every heart that’s ever been broken
Well you just probed them and analysed
Well surprise
Mine survived

You took every precaution
Then made every mistake
I closed my eyes for just one moment
But that’s all the time it takes
I may stumble and I may falter
But I know that I will not fall
I grow stronger and I no longer
Fear love at all

I’ve been picking up pieces
And I’ve been down on my knees
Humbled and hungry
In desperate need of release
You can make your deals
And steal back your power
Or you can cower and run for cover
It’s one thing or another
When lovers turn to thieves

Well you can keep your reflex friendship
And your knee-jerk honesty
And every single act of passion
Or word of love you stole from me
But as the night surrenders gently
To the clear cool of the dawn
I know my honour and my duty
And beauty lives on

(Ross Ryan)
Coathanger Music � 2003