The Only Show In Town

Drums: Peter Robertson
Bass: Bill Putt
Electric guitar: Broc O'Connor
Pedal steel & dobro: Ken Stephenson
Piano: Stephen Blackburn
Vocals, harp & acoustic guitar: RR
Harmony: Jojo Leslie

It's an open secret
It's a bad one liner
Scarcely but a sigh away
From a silence that shades the dust
It's an age for the gracious
And for the Great Reluctant Muse
To choose their terms so carefully
That you can barely see the rust
Forget about the thunder
That's too bittersweet a sound
Rattling in the distance
From the Only Show In Town

Thanks to Andy Warhol
If you want it - there's a ride
No, it's not a dream you can rely upon
Though you're gone before they notice the strings
And a trick for the gifted
Is to truly not give a damn
As to whether you're a one night, sideshow attraction
Or by chance the real thing
Better count your blessings
To save the world from some crazed clown
Who'd be hitting on the Angels
Outside the Only Show In Town

Did I stand too close?
Did you notice I was there?
Trying to read the moves you make
Whilst dancing in thin air

But that's not me trembling
No it's the shaking of the ground
There's a rally for romantics
At the Only Show In Town

I know you won't remember
The same way that I do
But what matters is the magic
If it don't matter to you

I know I have no right
And you less reason
To get hung up on this talk of Aulde Lang Syne
But should the crowd grow restless
Or you feel like being reminded
That this love needn't be some luxury you must decline
Forget about the static
Look beyond the bleachers
To a fan who's always planned on you being around
Any place if it's you
This one person queue
Patiently awaiting
The Only Show In Town
Patiently awaiting

(Ross Ryan)
Coathanger Music � 2003