Spirit Of The Rain
Drums: Peter Robertson
Bass: Roy Zedras
Electric & Spanish guitars: Broc O’Connor
Piano: Simon Ross
BVs: Neil Waterman, Lydia Eglin, Mark Holden, Don Burke & The O.K. Chorale*
Vocals, keyboards & acoustic guitars: RR

Now’s the time for the turn-around
For moving sight unseen
And in the desert come the dancers
To honour ancient dreams
There’s a shadow across the sky
Every hand every lip seems numb
As we struggle with what we’ve become

There are scars from the journey
And so the anger breeds
In the children of those left nothing
But galvanised roofs and disease
And the spirits who bring the rain
Are witnesses to every crime
And their tears fall on a people
Now lost in time

Long into the night they’ll lift their voices
As they sing the sacred names
And they’ll dance in dedication
To the Spirit of the Rain

Because the night is patient
And the dawn discreet
Every sin could be forgiven
From the shoreline to the sheets
Let the dancers begin their song
To a time that never knew change
But give the future to the children
Who’ve never seen rain

(Ross Ryan)
Coathanger Music � 2003
Photo: Graeme Peter