Don't Be Unkind

Drums: Peter Robertson
Double Bass: David Krycer
Keyboards: Stephen Blackburn
Night club guitar: Broc O'Connor
Rock guitar section: Stuart Beatty
Clarinet: Lionel Mrocki
Harmonies: Yani, Peter Cox, James Feldman, Glyn Mason & RR
Vocal: RR
Night Club vocal: Mark Holden

It's all right if at first you seem willing
I don't mind if you then take your time
And keep me dangling from the ceiling
As you chop and you change your mind
It's all right if the news is all over town
That for years everybody's seen you foolin' around
That's all right, I don't mind
Just please baby - don't be unkind

I don't mind if your memory's selective
It's all right if the talk becomes cheap
And I don't mind if I drive 10,000 miles
For the privilege of watching you sleep
You can lie to the judge
Erase every trace
And slander my name all over the place
That's all right, that's all right I don't mind
Just please baby - don't be unkind

It's never easy falling over again
New life - new love - fresh start
But you're going to need a shoulder to cry on
When nights get so dark
There's not even a spark
And you're tired of the sound
Of your own breaking heart

It's all right we can call off the wedding
We can both blame the groom
And good luck with your bullet-proof lover boy
With his telephone voice and perfumes
But I want you to know
I've heard all this before
You won't be the last woman
To walk out that door

Well ok we broke down on that same haunted road
And I don't mind you rejecting the plan I proposed
But the signals you're sending
I can't seem to decode
When you know all I asked was for a chance to get close
How hard is the answer when the question's “hello”?
Is this really the way that you want me to go?
Well all right - I don't mind
Just please baby
In the meantime
Don't be unkind

(Ross Ryan)
Coathanger Music � 2003