Not Our Time

Drums: Peter Robertson
Bass: Gavin Carroll
Violin, mandolin & 12 string: Andrew Clermont
Piano: Wallace Cooper
Accordian: Cathy Middleton
Vocal: RR
Harmonies: Freidi Mrocki

There's a girl up the stairs
All the boys know she's there
But she turns them away with a smile
So easily dismissed
Still they'd kill for a kiss
Or a chance to just linger a while
Part passion, part play
And as she moves away
Laughing they turn to each other and say
"It's not our time"

There are men once they've seen
Her beauty still dream
Of returning to lie in her arms
But they vanished as soon
As they stepped from her room
She's not ready to surrender her charms
Now it's her final night
She's about to take flight
And she leaves her good-byes
To a man she's loved twice
She says, "It's not our time"

There's woman you meet
Accidentally discreet
And you exchange how the years have unfolded
And though you hear every word
The details are blurred
You're discovering you still need to hold her
And the cruelest surprise
Is there's a spark in her eyes
So you tell her the truth
Then apologise
You say "I know, it's not our time"

We all crave our own space
For such hunger and grace
But if in replay our voices
Sound resigned from the chase
Then yes … it's not our time

(Ross Ryan)
Coathanger Music � 2003