Walk On Water

Drums: Peter Robertson
Electric guitar & bass: Broc O’Connor
Piano: Bill Canty
Vocals: RR & Yani

BVs: The O.K. Chorale

Well there’s a story
Written in glory
Well it’s a story
That I‘ve heard most of my life
And it says that someone
Really abstract
Watches over you and me ….

In the beginning, before there was science
Before reason when people still lived in trees
You know they asked themselves (more or less)
The same kind of questions
That trouble you and me
Things like:
“Wait a minute, who’s in charge here?”
“Can someone tell me what’s going on?”
Glory Hallelujah
And so the suffering was born

Throughout the ages, with great intentions
Great religions and faiths they did impose
Their beliefs and fears and paranoias
On smaller faiths with paranoias of their own
In the name of Allah, in the name of Jesus
From the Ganges and Jerusalem to the New York Stock Exchange
God in man’s own image
Such slander on His name

(I do believe – I do believe)
It started out as a kind of harmless trend at first
(Death to unbelievers)
But as you can see I do believe
Things kinda went from fad to worse

Walk on water
Change it to wine
Lambs to the slaughter
Blind bleeding blind
They’ll blow this kingdom
To Kingdom Come
So if you walk on water
Don’t you tell anyone

(Ross Ryan - Broc O'Connor)
Coathanger Music � 2003
The O.K. Chorale
Choir mistress: Yani
Basses: Peter Cox, Darryl Murray, John Robertson, Ross Wintour
Tenors: Steve Harford, Jim Chapman, David Pilbeam
Altos: Christine Grodd, Philippa Grady, Fatima (aka Donna Miller), Anje West
Sopranos: Suzi Carson, Dominique Wells, Liz Pickering