In '74 when the 'Pegasus' thing was in full flight, I played a gig in Woomera S.A..

The date was arranged and road managed by John Woodruff, a rather charming though eccentric chap who never wore shoes and always looked like he'd just woken up. Despite or maybe because of this dishevelment, John later went on to manage, amongst others, the Angels, Icehouse and Savage Garden - which just goes to show you.

Anyway, little did I realise as our plane approached Woomera airport that John, much to his personal amusement, had arranged a 'guard of honour' for me courtesy of the local pony club.

Charming but weird.

Other promotional gimmicks of the era included the idea that, for my first appearance in Cairns, I would ride into the centre of town on a horse. I declined.

My thanks to Terry Clark who took these photos and kindly passed them on to me in 2003.


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