These photos still make me smile. I was even tempted to use one of them as the cover shot for 'One Person Queue' and then again for this compilation.

In 2000, when the Internet was in still, at least in Australia, in its World Wide Web infancy, I teamed up with comedians Mary Kenneally and Steve Blackburn (better known to Oz audiences as Tim & Debbie) to present a live 'Internet Module' entitled 'Gimme An E' - as part of a 100 day long, extravagantly government funded 'experimental' site called 'Useum'

Mary & Steve

This all singing, dancing, hi-tech, sound and video spectacular had us attempting to write a song live on the Internet - based on contributions from folks who submitted their songwriting ideas. The actual broadcast was a hoot - Mary and Steve, as you would expect, were in fine form.

In preparation for the show, I put together a few short video 'ad breaks' and these pix were used in one of these ads called 'Songwriting, the Forgotten Affliction'.

The actual video clip is long gone but whilst writing these notes I managed to find the audio track. It'll give you the drift.

There were a half dozen or so other 'modules' on the Useum site with almost all the content either donated or the participants paid a token fee - in our case the three of us shared $1,000 for our three month participation.

Later we discovered that the project had an estimated budget of over a quarter of a million dollars, with the executives, web designers, accountants and assorted bureaucrats being paid their usual corporate rates.

Gosh we laughed.


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