Connie - 'Give 'Em Heaps' 1978
'Connie' - from the ABC TV program 'Give 'Em Heaps'
with Mike Meade & Leo Bradney-George

Connie was written in the early 70's by Ross and his good friend Rob Marsh as a send up of Bobby Goldsboro's songs 'Honey' and 'Molly'. It was first featured on an 'album', recorded by Rob and Ross over one weekend in Ross's lounge room in South Perth, entitled - 'Connie And Nine Other Great Songs'.

They don't make albums like that any more.

Years later, after he'd accidentally stumbled into show business, 'Connie' became a comedic staple of Ross live shows and when songs were required for 'Give 'Em Heaps', it was a natural.

LIke a lot of the videos featured on this site, 'Connie' was dubbed from Ross's collection of old Betamax tapes - hence the rustic quality of some of the clips. Here, this has been accentuated by the fact that the night time 'death scene' was originally filmed too dark. We have tried to overcome this by pushing up the brightness for that bit and have added sub-titles for your comprehension pleasure.

From the album 'The Difficult Third Compilation' - which we urge you to purchase - if only so that Rob can finally make some money from the song!


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