The Lemmings - Flashez 1975
The Lemmings - Flashez Concert - Sydney 1975
'Brown Eyed Girl'
Featuring Paul Sullivan

Ross's very pal Mike Meade was at the time co-hosting, with Ray Burgess, the ABC TV show Flashez and every so often they would put on a free concert in Sydney's Domain. On this paricular occasion, Jon English was the star attraction.

However a support act was required and the Lemmings got the gig - their ONLY gig in fact.

The Lemmings consisted of Ross, Mike, Mark Holden (then at the peak of his carnation powers), Ross's boyhood friend Paul Sullivan and a cardboard guitarist called Bruce.

Sadly Paul is no longer amongst us - so it's great that the only surviving record of the Lemmings features him as lead vocalist.

What a guy! What a band!


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