I Love My Horse - 'Give 'Em Heaps' 1978

I Love My Horse - 'Give 'Em Heaps' 1978
Featuring Mike Meade, Leo Bradney-George & Carol Adams

One of the advantages of having an impossibly huge hit single is that you can milk it any way you like.

In Ross's case, he's usually taken the piss out of it.

First there was 'Sing-A-Long Horse Song' which closed the 'My Name Means Horse' album and eventually Ross's 80s touring show 'Sing The One About The Horse'. But the classic is 'I Love My Horse'.

Written especially for the C&W episode of 'Give 'Em Heaps', much credit goes to the producers who contributed most of the hamfisted sight gags.

From the bonus 'Stuff' CD


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