Sedel (Never Smiled At Me) - 1975
Sedel (Never Smiled At Me) - Video clip 1975

The second single from the 'After The Applause' album and Ross's first 'promotional pop clip'.

The clip features the members of Ross's touring band at the time, 'Cahoots'. Guitarist Eric McCusker (later to join 'Mondo Rock') in probably his first video appearance; drummer John Clinton (now in the 'Wolverines') and bassist Sam McFerren.

By chance, one of the gamblers is played by Leo Bradney-George of 'Give 'Em Heaps' fame - three years before he and Ross actually officially met.

The hilarious end sequence where slow Ross dances with 'Sedel' is noteworthy as Ross is wearing (for the second and last time) the tasteful burgundy velvet suit he bought for his Gough Whitlam gold record presentation.

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