606 (Ryan)

From the album 'My Name Means Horse' 1974



'606' was first recorded for my debut album 'A Poem You Can Keep' but we felt that we hadn't quite nailed it. I don't have a copy of that original version so I can't say how different it was from the one we have here.

It was 'written' one evening whilst I was performing in a Perth coffee lounge. I'd started playing, possibly, a Cat Stevens song and realised I was in the wrong key. Rather than abort and move the capo <grin>, I just made up a song - little realising that it would end up, 35 years later, on a compilation album.

Production-wise, the 'Poem' and 'Horse' LPs were heavily influenced by arranger Paul Buckmaster and his work on the Elton John albums 'Tumbleweed Connection" and 'Madmen Across The Water' - my favorite EJ era. In retrospect, and considering I was touring as a solo performer, the criticism at the time that these recordings were somewhat over produced is possibly valid - although the punters obviously didn't seem to mind.

Together, these albums earned a total of four gold records with 'Poem' winning Record of the Year and 'Horse', Album of The Year. So much for hindsight!


Drums: Doug Gallacher
Bass: Valda Hammick
Keyboards: Tony Esterman
Acoustic Guitars: Peter Martin & RR

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