Postcard From Berlin  (Ryan)

From the album 'After The Applause' 1975



'Postcard From Berlin' was written late one night in Melbourne after the final mixing session for 'I Am Pegasus'.

At the time I was 'seeing' (or to be more precise, I was trying to 'see') an air hostess named Kathy who was a major inspiration for the 'horse' song. For reasons that to this day escape me; and completely forgetting her involvement - I stupidly (not to mention tactlessly) invited her to the session at Armstrong Studios. Cue lead balloon metaphors.

My muse was unamused.

Unsurprisingly, I ended up alone in my hotel room. There, under the influence of Leonard Cohen and several bottles of red wine, I took the events of the day, superimposed them over a Nazi Germany scenario and somehow, blind drunk, managed to write 'Berlin'. Sometimes that's what it takes.

But wait! It gets worse!

To further add to my shame, the 'After The Applause' album also features the track 'Kathy's At The Airport' - a mean spirited, ugly, totally biased fabrication of events and a song that I truly regret having written. My apologies, Kathy.


Drums: Russell Dunlop
Bass: Tim Partridge
Guitar: RR
Backing Vocals: Catherine Hastings, Lorraine Dalton & Bronwyn Macintosh

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