Chaplin & Harlow  (Ryan- Slavich)

From the 'The Lost Ross Ryan Album' 1983

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Another track that scored well in the mailing list poll. Which is odd - considering it was a one off single, released in 1980 , that received virtually zero airplay.

The song came about when friend and keyboardist Tony Slavich (Ariel, Richard Clapton Band) asked me to write the lyrics for a Talking Heads inspired piece of music he'd come up with. I'm not sure if it was what he had in mind, but what he got was a Harry Nillsonesque tale of sex, comedy and indulgent word-play (these are a few of my favorite things).

The alleged 'joke' of the song is that, to my knowledge, Charlie Chaplin and Jean Harlow were never romantically entwined - although Harlow does make a brief unaccredited appearance as a waitress in Chaplin's classic1931 film, 'City Lights'.

By the way - here's a relatively unrelated piece of trivia: Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa accompanied Chaplin to the Los Angeles premier of ‘City Lights’.


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