Blue Chevrolet Ballerina  (Ryan)

From the album 'After The Applause' 1975



So after opening with a new and hence unfamiliar recording, it was imperative that track two should be known and preferably from the 70's. 'Blue Chev'! Great - I like this one.

'Blue Chevrolet Ballerina' brings together the banjo feel of Neil Young's 'For The Turnstiles' (from 'On The Beach') and Jeanie C. O' Reilly's 60's hit, 'Ode To Billy Joe'. In fact I've just realised how similar these two songs are.

Another influence was Jackson Browne's 'The Late Show' from the album 'Late For The Sky'', a peerless piece of work that I highly recommend to anyone. From that song (and the album's cover) I grabbed 'Chevrolet'. I have little interest in cars but I loved the sound and romance of the word and somehow, and from somewhere, 'ballerina' seemed to fit too. All I had to do then was work out the car's colour!

From 'Billy Joe' came the idea of writing a mysterious, clue-laden short story song. A puzzle, that if you were inclined, you could look closely at and solve.

For lots of reasons, I really enjoyed writing 'Blue Chev' and have never tired of performing it. A rare song that I'm prepared and happy to stand by. There is even talk of June 13th, Blue Chevrolet Day, becoming a Coathanger national holiday.



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