Connie (Ryan - Marsh)

From the ABC TV Program 'Give 'Em Heaps' 1978

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My Perth pal Rob Marsh and I wrote this in about 1971 as a send-up of a couple of Bobby Goldboro songs of the era - namely 'Honey' and 'Molly'. They're both worth checking out as classics of their genre.

Later, 'Connie' became one of my most requested live numbers - a show stopper so to speak. Then in the late 70s it was recorded and filmed for the ABC TV show 'Give 'Em Heaps'.

For the uninitiated, 'Heaps' was an ABC kids' TV program hosted - and mostly written - by Mike Meade, Leo Bradney-George and myself. A totally self indulgent cult comedy program aimed - theoretically - at an 8 to 12 age group. That we utterly failed in fulfilling this brief is best illustrated by the fact that we were not invited back for a second series.

Ironically, I was recently contacted by the ABC's archive dept who had heard that I had the only copies in existence of the 20 shows we did. Apparently the ABC erased the master tapes a nano-second or two after they went to air.

So now I've been asked to make the tapes available to not only the ABC but to the National Archives. Talk about a cool punch line.

In the meantime I've put up the 'Connie' clip, as well as 'I Love My Horse' (featured on the companion 'Stuff' CD) in our video section.

Also, whilst I'm at it, a tip of the lid to one Mr George Pugh - the Executive Producer of 'Give 'Em Heaps'. George loved the show and managed to keep under control three rather large egos. To this day, he's the only person I've met whose taste and opinions on almost anything I would accept without question. A rare guy. More power to you George - and thank you.



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