I Don't Want To Know About It  (Ryan)

From the album 'A Poem You Can Keep' 1973



This was the opening track on the 'Poem' album and my first single. At the time I recall folks raving about the opening drum fill. I'm still not quite sure what to make of that.

The song was an exercise in writing for a band, any band - rather than something I'd play. However producer Peter Dawkins felt it was somewhat more commercial than most of the material I had at the time and would help balance the album.

As a single it charted in Queensland and in my home state of Werstern Australia - entering the Go-Set National Top 40 charts (attributed to Ross Egan) at number 38 before vanishing the following week. But hey - I'd made the top 40!!


Drums: Doug Gallacher
Bass: Dave Ellis
Keyboards: Tony Esterman
Acoustic Guitars: Peter Martin & RR
E. Guitar: Peter Martin
Backing Vocals: Terry Walker, Mike Leyton, Betty Lys & Bobbi Marchini

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