Goodbye Mitchy  (Ryan)

From the album 'A Poem You Can Keep' 1973



As part of the track selection process, folks on our mailing list were invited to submit their suggestions (many thanks to all). I have to admit I was rather surprised by some of the songs that scored highly; some of which I'd forgotten even existed! Near the top of this list was 'Goodbye Mitchy'; not a track I would have necessarily chosen, if only because it features the worst rhyme of my writing career - "lady" with (ahem ..) "afraid-ee".

Written (somewhat fatalistically and definitely prophetically) for my then girlfriend Jan Miller (now Henderson),'Mitchy' materialised as a whole song whilst I was driving from Subiaco to my house in West Perth - a 10 minute journey. Ah - those were the days! Maybe it's my farm-boy background, but for some reason - with such lines as "you ain't gone yet" and "I done my best" - it sounds like it was composed by a toothless, Alabama sharecropper. Well, I was driving a Ford Ute at the time.

Sadly, I lost touch with Mitchy after she moved back to New Zealand. If there's anyone out there who knows her whereabouts, please ask her to give me an ahoy!


Drums: Doug Gallacher
Bass: Dave Ellis
Piano: Tony Esterman
Acoustic Guitars: Peter Martin & RR
Handclaps: Peter Martin, Peter Dawkins & RR
Tambourine: Peter Dawkins
Backing Vocals: Terry Walker, Mike Leyton, Betty Lys & Bobbi Marchini

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