Nobody's Baby  (Ryan)

From the 'The Lost Ross Ryan Album' 1983



During the 80's I put together a number of experimental bands. The Ross Ryan Brothers, The Redeemers and Ross Ryan's Tonight Show - to name but three. After a decade of solo touring, I thoroughly enjoyed the novelty of working with other musicians; playing a wider range of material and styles and living the rock 'n' roll dream. Unfortunately, band touring is an expensive endeavor which is why I usually had a solo tour booked afterwards to pay the bills.

But bands also removed a dimension from my live shows - the comedic side. Generally, low key humour is lost on pub crowds and besides it tends to break the flow of the job at hand. My solution was to write and stage a semi-autobiographical, multimedia extravaganza called 'Sing The One About The Horse' - the story of one man, four Beatles and ten thousand sheep - which I erratically toured across Australia, including a stint at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

For this show and with producer Stuart D'arriatta, I recorded a number of backing tracks - including the much reviled re-make of 'Blood On The Microphone' (now to be found, along with the original version, on the Aztec CD re-issue of 'My Name Means Horse'). From these sessions also came a new song, 'Nobody's Baby'.

With my previous botched attempt at feminist humour in mind (see: 'Orchestra Ladies'), I decided to write a response to the Jackson Browne song 'She Must Be Somebody's Baby', inspired partly by the feel of Icehouse's 'Great Southern Land'. The song ended up on a cassette (remember them?) called - 'The Lost Ross Ryan Album' - which I sold at gigs until I ran out of stock. They're possibly worth something on eBay now.



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