Orchestra Ladies  (Ryan)

From the album 'My Name Means Horse' 1974



First up, to all the Australian university campuses that blacklisted me in the 70's because of this song, let me set the record straight. 'Orchestra Ladies' is satire. Not a putdown and certainly not autobiographical.

Secondly, all that aside; why is it that there are so many derogatory terms for women (and only for women I might add) who are attracted to musicians? Being a muso and having known quite a few, I agree there may be a case for saying these women are nuts - but not per se, sleazy or 'fallen'! Hell, I'm sure there are people with a penchant for plumbers or accountants or whatever - but no one slanders them!

I won't deny that being an entertainer is a great icebreaker and there are many (Bob Geldoff springs to mind) who openly admit they formed a band to get laid. Because it's not uncommon, after a gig, for a total stranger to come up and to start talking to you like they know you - and in a sense, they do. And if that person happens to be a member of the opposite sex and the chemistry and timing is right ... well it sure beats the pants off speed dating!

(Thanks to Maria Van Vljman for the title.)


Drums: Doug Gallacher
Bass: Valda Hammick
Keyboards: Tony Esterman
Acoustic Guitars: Peter Martin & RR
Mandolins: Keith Harris
Accordion: Enzo Toppano

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