I Am Pegasus  (Ryan)

From the album 'My Name Means Horse' 1974

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As anyone who has heard me discuss this song will know, I have always had mixed feelings about the old 'Pegasus'. It would of course be churlish for me to slag off my (as I like to refer to it) 'albatross-foot-in-the-door-song' and I must admit that with the passage of time I've become rather fond of it.

My call is that 'I Am Pegasus' was/is a great record - and in this regard, the credit for its success should rightly go to producer Peter Dawkins (who alone picked it as a potential hit) and arranger Peter Martin. They took a quirky, almost comedic song that I 'd written in my lounge room and turned it into an anthem. How cool is that?

I guess the turning point for me was about 20 years ago when I heard a muzak version of 'Pegasus' as I sat on a plane at Kununurra airport in northern WA. I realised then that the song didn't really belong to me any more. It had a life of its own. I was thrilled!

As a song, I've written better. But for a piece of music that was exactly in the right place at the right time; that was one of those songs that became part of the soundtrack to the lives of many folks I'll never know - I am truly grateful.


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