Queensland  (Ryan)

New recording 2008

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Ok, track one: the first difficult decision. Something appealing, upbeat and not milking the early material too soon. Hmm .. not many contenders there ...

I know ... how about recording a new track! Something fresh, toe tapping and slightly controversial and then, to maximise the impact, make it a single and, then give it away as a free download. Perfect!

'Queensland' is a song I've had knocking around for a few years and I'm pleased to have at last found it a home. Very much inspired by the writing style of Randy Newman, its intent is a soft centered comment on the north-south rivalry between the great state of Queensland and more or less everyone else.

Should any of you have access to the Queensland Tourist Bureau, tell them I'm ready to talk.


Drums: Peter (Robbo) Robinson
Bass: Roy Zedras
Keyboard, E. Guitar& Banjo: Ken Stephenson
Acoustic Guitar & Keyboard: RR
Backing Vocals: Helen & Jo Kelly Stephenson



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