Sedel (Never Smiled At Me)  (Ryan)

From the album 'After The Applause' 1975

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Shortly after the success of the Roy Orbison tour, I got to see the other side of show business when I was booked to play at the just opened Wrestpoint Casino in Hobart, supporting Shari Lewis and her loveable puppets - Hush Puppy, Charlie Horse and Lamb Chop. An unsettling week-long experience immortalised by the song 'Blood On The Microphone'.

One night, at an after work staff party, some friends were teasing me about an attractive croupier who was sitting alone; encouraging me to go and talk to her. The notion quickly became academic as moments later her boyfriend arrived and whisked her away. This then became the running joke of the evening, creating enough source material for this song. And because I didn't even know the girl's name, I simply made one up. Sedel. I don't know .. it sounded French or something.

The punch line to all this is that over the years I've been contacted by a number of couples who actually named their daughters Sedel. One of these girls even wrote enquiring as to the name's origin. I can only imagine her horror when I told her the story!

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