Walk On Water  (Ryan - O'Connor)

From the album 'One Person Queue' 2003



My gospel song.

I love gospel music. It's the only thing I've ever heard, read or seen that makes me wish I believed - and one of the few connections, outside of psychedelics, that I've had with the unknown.

For me, Paul Simon in his song 'Slip Sliding Away' sums all this up neatly:

Warren Zevon also had a good take on the subject in 'Gorilla You're a Desperado".

'Walk On Water' - written with my good friend Broc O'Connor - is my humble contribution to the debate.


Drums: Peter (Robbo) Robinson
Bass & E. Guitar: Broc O'Connor
Piano: Bill Canty
Choir: The O.K. Chorale
Yani, Peter Cox, Darryl Murray, John Robertson, Ross Wintou, Steve Harford, Jim Chapman, David Pilbeam, Christine Grodd, Philippa Grady, Fatima (aka Donna Miller), Anje West, Suzi Carson, Dominique Wells & Liz Pickering

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